Emonhub: delaying data upload

Hi, I’m using an older emonhub with packetgen hack, I need to modify it for publishing data on local emoncms site only every 30 seconds.
I tried to modify python code with no results.

ps where is a newer emonhub version with packetgen support?

You should not need to modify any code, in emonhub.conf, in the [[[runtimesettings]]] for the emoncms reporter you can add or edit the send interval setting “interval=30”.

Packetgen is no longer under development so future implemtation may not happen.

I also use Packetgen, is there an alternative?

Not to my knowledge.

What is it you are aiming for? If you want to continue with Packetgen, what is wrong with the older emonHub version you are using? I still use original emonHub, it is far more stable and it has data buffering and confirms receipt by emoncms before deleting the local data, the emon-pi variant does not.