emonHP hardware limitations? Use Home Assistant? Units errors or missing?

Hi all, I’m still new to HP monitoring but getting there. I have a couple of linked questions.

  1. Why is there little or no hardware guide to EmoHP compared to the other hardware offerings?
    Faced with hardware limitations needing to read additional inputs such as temperatures, I have been finding how to do this with the ‘Emoncms History’ and now, for exporting, the ‘Emoncms’ integrations for Home Assistant. i.e. by editing the HA ‘configuration.yaml’ file.
  2. Using the ‘Emoncms’ integration I’m trying to read the ‘total_electric_Energy’ feed in HA. I can see values coming in but can’t seem to get these into a HA energy dashboards because the units are not in kWh. They seem to be in W or undefined. I have tried lots of things in HA mainly under the ‘State’ definition menu but am getting nowhere.
    Has anybody else tried this and better still found out how?

The emonHP heat pump monitor is a fully pre-provisioned managed system i.e everything should be plug-and-play out of the box, and if it’s not please contact us, and we will resolve any issues. For this reason, there’s not the need for detailed step-by-step setup documentation.

The emonHP runs the same emonSD software stack as the emonPi2 / emonBase, therefore out other documentation will be relevant if needed.

The total_electric_Energy Feed should be total accumulated kWh. Please share the relevant section of your HA configuration.yaml and some screenshots. We’ll do our best to help, but this sounds like a HA issue rather than Emoncms. It sounds like you need to setup a HA Utility Meter helper to convert accumulated kWh to kWh/day

Thanks Glyn, This could be a ‘penny drop’ moment for me. I’ll soldier on for a bit as it will help me up my learning curve. Will share configuration.yaml file if I have problems.

One other thing I’m looking for is an additional temperature sensor to go in the upper (empty) sensor pocket of my DHW cylinder. I have a spare Vaillant one supplied with the heat pump install kit but Ideally I’d like a self contained Zigbee one as Zizbee works brilliantly with my ‘Home Assistant Yellow’. Any recomendations?

We use our emonTH temperature sensor which works with the emonHP, you’re best asking on the HA forum for Zigbee sensor recommendations. Sorry, I don’t have much experience with Zigbee

Hi Glyn,
On the subject of temperature sensors. I recently swapped from using Met Office ‘outside’ data to a local temperature sensor with data ported across from Home Asssistant. I found I needed to ensure no direct sunlight was reaching my sensor.
In the process of doing this I was looking at other users outside temperature data imcluding your installation at the bungalow in Wales. It seems that setup is seeing large swings in outside temperature in a short time scale. I just wondered if it had a local sensor seeing the direct sun or maybe a fixing has come loose and the sensor is moving about. I’m still a novice at HP monitoring but thought I’d query this. Here’s a clip from this morning. If you’r interested. (05:00 to 09:00 period)

Yes you’re right, I was using an outdoor sensor for this system while I was doing some testing. It worked ok during the winter, but the location of the sensor is suboptimal in summer. I’ve now moved this system to use metoffice data: https://emoncms.org/app/view?name=MyHeatpump&readkey=871ad5efb8f20f698f12d751aea9b8a6.

It’s actually quite difficult to find a location for a physical sensor which is not effected by sunlight or heat from a house, therefore using metoffice data is generally best.

Just export the value to MQTT from HA for the emonHP to pick up. I presume it can, but as there is no documentation…

Thanks for the response.
Ideally I would have liked to have used my Vaillant’s out door temp sensor. i.e. The one that it uses for weather compensation but the output is not readily available. I have used a Sonoff Zigbee battery powered ‘puck’ and mounted it close to the Vaillant sensor but in a little 3d printed louvered box that lets air circulate but shields from the sun that only hits it for about 30 mins at sunrise in the summer. It was a bit of a faff but seems quite good.
This stuff makes you geeky.

The emonHP is identical to the emonBase, it’s just been pre-provisioned to be plug and play with zero config for heat pump monitoring. By default, the emonHP posts data directly to emoncms.org.