EmonGLCD Economy 7 sketch?

I couldn’t find this on the search.
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I recently got a 2nd-hand emonGLCD to connect to my emonTx CM and loaded up the latest HomeAutomation sketch, and played about with it a bit to get it talking to the later emonTx CM firmware.

Is there anyone that has generated a sketch for Economy 7 monitoring on the GLCD that anyone knows of they are willing to share?

If not, is there any other people interested in one?

I’ve never seen anything like that. It should be possible to implement, using the on-board timing corrected by updated times from the emonPi/emonBase, but memory within the emonGLCD is in very short supply, and that might be a quite serious handicap.

The emonGLCD normally receives its data direct from the source - the emonTx - and the energy accumulation is done in the GLCD. But now, that’s already done inside emonLibCM, so removing it from the GLCD will free up a little memory. Alternatively, it might be possible to send ‘pre-processed’ data from the base and use the GLCD purely as a display.

The emonGLCD was discontinued a long time ago - a shame really but it was for understandable reasons - so there won’t be any new users coming along.

Thanks Robert,
Yes that was one of the mods I made to get it running was pick up the updated packet structure from the emonTx CM to see the later recent packet structure.
I’ve managed to fit some debug pages in under button control and packet indications via the LEDs but didn’t get chance to take it further yet - just a playground sketch for now.

It’s a shame, it has some charm there, has a couple of issues but at least it can display the supply voltage properly - something I could not get the android app to do at the time when I tried it so I might have a go when things settle down.