EmonEVSE WiFi Connected EV Charging Station: latest components? Same as kit?

Hello all,

I also asked this question towards the sales-address, but didn’t get feedback yet, so maybe I should post it here?

I’m interested in buying the car charging station “EmonEVSE WiFi Connected EV Charging Station IEC 60947-5 (Type-2” (3-phase): https://openenergymonitor.com/emonevse-wifi-connected-ev-charging-station-iec-60947-5-type-2/.

However, when I read the component-description, it seems to use the old v4 pcb, a different enclosure, … than the kit-version. Is this the case, or does it use the same, latest, components as the kit?

I would prefer to get it fully assembled, which is also a requirement for the 3-phase-setup apparently, but I would also like to have the latest components of course.

Another question regarding the charging station, which wasn’t completely clear, is whether a cable was included, althought that seems to be the case?



Hi Michel,

The EmonEVSE is our (‘OpenEnergyMonitor’, UK) variant of the OpenEVSE kit (designed by ‘OpenEV’ in the US) . That is why the enclosure design is different. Our unit comes with a type-2 connector for a cable, the OpenEVSE uses a permanently tethered connection.

Yes, the controller is in fact the latest v5 type.

No, a cable is not included as standard. But we do sell them separately.


that’s all I needed to know.


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