EmonEVSE installers in Repulic of Ireland

Would like to know if you have any installers recommended for installing EmonEVSE in Ireland?

Also, is the spec of the device complies with installing in Europe?


Hi Jose,

The EmonEVSE can be installed by an OLEV installer. However, from what I understand OLEV does not operate the same in the Republic of Ireland. Instead of OLEV you can claim a 600 EUR grant from SEAI:

The EmonEVSE meets all the European requirements.

I’m not familiar with the process in Republic of Ireland, however the SEAI application form looks straightforward. Let us know how you get on!

Hi Glyn
Thanks. Yeah its the SEAI grant here. I have the grant applied & approved. Works mostly the same as OLEV in that the work needs to be done by an approved installer. They have to fill out the form & have it sent back to SEAI for releasing funds.

Hence, the question on if there was a history of an installer in Ireland who does install EmonEVSE as well.

I’ll keep ringing and asking if an installer is willing to do it. In case you come across someone do let me know. In the long run, would be good to publish a list on your website as you have done for the UK.


Hi Jose,

As yet, we’ve not worked with any installers in Ireland. The installation can be done by any OLEV installer. OLEV recently (this week) have dropped the requirement for installers to be authorised by the manufacturer, all OLEV installers should have had an email from OLEV to explain this. If authorisation is still required, this is not a problem. Please ask an installer to contact us: [email protected]

For the SEAI Grant, The installer just needs to be RECI (registered electrician) and fill out the cert required for minor works to claim the grant.

There isn’t a separate list by the SEAI (like for the solar panel grants) for charge point installers (you can even buy a second hand one on ebay and get it installed and claim the grant, as long as installed by an electrician.)

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Thanks for your reply.