EmonEVSE IEC62196 Locking Solenoid (MennekesLock)

The post details the steps to enable a IEC62196 Locking Solenoid to work with the EmonEVSE

This locking Solenoid is the correct model to work with our Duosida EV socket (3-point fixing) that we use for the EmonEVSE.

To connect the lock to the EmonEVSE controller you will need to use a 12V H-bridge (e.g Polulu 1451) to activate the lock then reverse the polarity to un-lock.

I’ve not yet tried to do this, however the code to activate the lock is present in the OpenEVSE FW:

Also the lock will need to be enabled in firmware, #define MENNEKES_LOCK will need to be defined (un-commented):

Here is the actual code with controlls the lock:

The firmware by default uses MOSI and MISO (digital 11 & 12) for the lock signal, these pins are available onthe ISP header, this is where the pins are defined: