EmonEVSE from untethered to tethered?

I have a standard EmonEVSE charger (big square white box type) which is untethered and I changed EV and I need a 10m cable now.
I can either buy a 10m type 2 cable from amazon etc or can I simply buy this 10m cable: Tethered EV charging cable 32A - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor and make my EmonEVSE tethered instead?
Is there any reason why that can’t work?

I think the firmware is different/compiled with different flags.

It’s probably much easier to just buy a longer cable with a plug at each end.

The EmonEVSE can only be used with non-tethered cables. You can leave the cable plugged into the unit which effectively makes it a tethered unit.

I understand it comes as untethered, but I don’t see why you couldn’t technically disconnect the type 2 plug inside and connect the tethered cable in it’s place, it has the same wires right?
I did go for a 10m standard type 2 to type 2 cable in the end anyway but just wondering.