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EmonEVSE delay timer

I tried to use the timer function of the EmonEVSE for the first time but it didn’t work for me.

I set the timer to start charge at 02:00 and stop at 07:00. I connected my car at 20:24.
The ev_state feed show 1 before i connect the car to the EVSE, after that the feed show 254 (evse show sleeping on LCD), next change at 02:00 the ev state go to 2, and car is not charging, if i now reconnect the car charge is starting.
If i found the correct states only known 4 state values. (EVSE State - 1 Not Connected - 2 Connected - 3 Charging - 4 Error)
My car is a Peugeot iOn (2012) and the EVSE has a Firmware: 5.1.0.T2
Car use 1 phase and now only one phase is connected to the evse.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello @KommyKT this is a question for @glyn.hudson I have sent him a message about your question.

It sounds like you have done everything correctly. If the timer is correctly set, the time scheduled and current time should show on the lcd.

It sounds like you car may have gone to sleep, some EV’s require charging to start immediately after connection to an EVSE. Charging can then be paused and the timer can be used. Could you try connecting the car when the evse is awake then pausing the charge and setting the timer?

Zoe had this issue we are working on a fix / work around:

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now I test a bit, if I connect the car and charge start, the I pause it, the charge only continue if I reset the ease or reconnect the car.

Another test. if I disable the EVSE and than enable via RAPI the charging is working, or if restart the EVSE charging

This sounds like a limitation of your car not being able to handle being connected to an EVSE in a paused state.

I own an Opel Zafira e-Life (PSA car as the Peugeot iOn), the explained behaviour is the same for my car. As soon as the car falls in sleeping mode (eg. few minutes after a EVSE pause), it cannot escape from sleeping via EVSE. OpenEVSE reset or reconnecting the car helps. I also observe that if I force refresh the status of the Car in the Opel App and OpenEVSE is not in pause anymore, then the charge restarts. It is really annoying not to be able to control the charge from OpenEVSE because Opel App is crap. And forget to use PV diverts… It is may be the same with all Peugeot and Citroen cars. I don’t know how we can do to troubleshooting this limitation ?