Emonevse CT problem

Hi, since I have flashed my emonevse V.5.5 my CT doesn’t send any data and it show 0W when the car is charging ; i have no original CT but it’s work fine before and i have tested different CT to be sure that it’s not the problem.

maybe someone have the same problem or a solution? thanks a lot.

What firmware version have you flashed? Have you flashed the controller or the WIFi module?

I have flashed the controller and change the wifi module for testing ; actually i use openevse 8.2.3 EU (i have same problem with emonevese 8.2.3 and 8.2.2) my gateway WT32 (ethernet) and firmware 5.01

What FW were you running previously? If you revert to your old FW does the issues with the CT go way? There should be no changes with how the CT readings work in the newer FW.

Could the CT connection have become dislodged during the FW update process?

I had trouble connection between controller and gateway so i have decided to return to 8.2.2 (recommanded) ; since, power mesearement doesn’t work. I have already checked CT connection and also change for another CT without success. I could change for a original CT but i would like to be shure that it will be solve the problem.