EmonEVSE 7,4 kW ready for 22kW single / three-phase

Is it possible buying a three phase type 2 and using it as a sigle phase 7,4KW?

For the time being I own a nissan leaf with 7kW charging capability, however I would like to be ready for the next electric vehicle.
For this reason I’m asking if I can buy the three phase charger but using as a single phase charger.
Thank you

Hi Nico,

Yes, it’s no problem for the 3-phase EmonEVSE to charge single-phase EV’s.

However, the LCD kWh counter will be incorrect when charging a single-phase EV since the three-phase EmonEVSE assumes three-phase current draw. This is a known limitation with current EmonEVSE hardware. If correct kWh counter is important I would recommend using an emonTx with three-phase FW to monitor the supply feeding the unit.