EmonEVSE 3-wire 230V 3-phase wiring connections

I just received my brand new EmonEVSE, which I thought was 32A @ 240V according to the shop stating so. But when received it looks like it is 32A @ 400V. We have a IT-Net here, three phase 22A @ 230V. Will the device still work? and if so, how to connect it? Four wires here, 3 phases + ground.

Just to clarify, is your supply in Norway 3-phase, 230 V Line-Line and 3-wire with no neutral (and we never count the ground/earth connection as a supply wire)?

If it is, I guess nobody realised that your supply is somewhat special. I think this is one for The Shop to look into.

@Gwil - can you advise, or is this one for @glyn.hudson ?

Yes, here is a typical 3 phase connector here (in my region). I know other parts of Norway using TN-Net (400V), but here it is IT-Net

I also noticed the box making strange sounds, so I took a peak inside, and the bracket is broken
And I needed to edit this post, cause reviewing it, and I could have sounded not all happy about everything, but that is far from reality, I am super excited! :smiley:

I am learning here as well, and I just checked some other chargers. This is connection diagram for one of them. Maybe the same applies for emon?

We’re looking into it. I’ve been in touch with Gwil, he’s passed it on to Glyn, so hopefully Glyn will be in contact soon.

I’m aware of the “difficulties” your supply poses in other areas, but I know almost nothing about EV chargers generally, and the emonEVSE is included in that.

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Just to confirm, do you measure around 230V between L1 and L2?

If so, you will need to connect as follows (the same as the IT 3-phase connection diagram you posted above)

Supply L1 - EVSE Neutral
Supply Ground - EVSE Ground
Supply L2 - EVSE L1
Supply L3 - EVSE L2

The EVSE expects 230V Between EVSE Neutral and EVSE L1, double check this before energizing. The EVSE will be damaged if the voltage between N and L1 > 264V.

Thanks for alerting us to the lack of documentation on this. Four wire 400V 3-phase is most common in the UK and most of Europe, I believe.

Oh dear, that’s not good. We’ll get a replacement contactor shipped to you tomorrow. Is there any indication as to what could have caused the bracket to break? I guess it must have happened in transit.

Hey!, yes, I think the cities here most likely are 400V, but me living rural they have old grid. So yes, can confirm 230V between L1 and L2. That is cool that it will work with this! (I am guessing the power readings will be somewhat wrong, and I would need to correct for it in readouts, which is totally fine) :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for offering replacement! I am also guessing shipping damage. That said, I am also an environmentalist, and I involve myself in right to repair. One of two mayor selling points for me was that my old EVSE is proprietary. If I can just glue it back (Not sure about the plastic type), that would save production and shipping of yet another part. If you have not shipped already, I would want to attempt a fix first :slight_smile:

Hi @Drogos,

Of course, no problem. If you do need a replacement, just send the shop an email ([email protected]) or send me a PM on this forum.

The power readings will be correct, since the EVSE only monitors the power on L1 since the EV will be a balanced load.

That’s very kind of you, let us know how you get on,

It worked out great! Plastic did glue very nicely! :slight_smile:

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