EmonESP Wifi Connection issue


Maybe wrong Category but there is no Category for EmonESP.

I have just obtained a Adafruit Huzzah to try Wifi access to my emontTX as I am having radio communication problems.

I successfully uploaded both the firmware and data to the ESP.

I have it connected to the EmonTX and the Wifi AP at
I have the EmonESP start up page visible on my phone with all my local Wifi networks showing.

So far so good just as shown in the instructions. I select the Wifi network I want to join and provide the correct Passkey. I press connect and get "Connecting to WIFI Network…Please wait 10s.

At this point it just hangs. I do not see the Red Underlined IP address.

Any ideas where I can go from here? Can I edit the source code and add my Wifi network name and passkey?

I would really like to get this going.



OK a little further on.

I found the file config.cpp containing:-

String esid = “”;
String epass = “”;

I changed to suit and rebooted and I now have access to the EmonESP page from my workstation connected as client.

I have data coming in from the EmonTX.

Next step is to connect to a server to post data to. I thought it would be easiest to start with emoncms.org.

I added my Write apikey as per instructions and clicked Save. Save changes to Saved and then nothing happens even after several minutes. It shows Connected: No

I found the entries in config.cpp and hard coded the server and api key. Uploaded to esp, rebooted and suddenly every thing works and I am posting to emoncmcs.org.

I have now hard coded my local server and api key and every thing is working. I am guessing there is a problem writing changes to eeprom. No Idea if this is my hardware or a software issue.



Good idea, I’ve just created one :smiley:

I think the issue could be that the emonesp has joined your local network but the web page hasnt updated with the IP address. This could be a bug with the emonESP that should have been fixed in the latest release. Can you look at your routers DHCP table or use an app like Fing (Android / iOS) to see if emonESP has succesfully joined your network? You can also look at the serial output of the esp.

Good to hear you mange to work a solution to obtain a connection,.

You need to some post data for it to be able to display connected: yes e.g either connect to emontx or enter via serial a pair value e.g. ct1:100.

I’ve been unable to replicate your EEPROM issue. Was your ESP totally wiped before you uploaded emonesp? This can cause an issue if the memory is partitioned in a different from a previous sketch.


Hope this forum still active, i have issue with my emonESP that already connected with WiFi and succeed to send data to emonCms, but after some times emon esp disconnect from the WiFi and change to AP mode.

I tough the issue was with WiFi signal strength then i use WiFi repeater to connect with my home AP and ESP connected to it. but the problem keep occur as before.

with this situation i should check every time the emonesp status and re connect to home WiFi again.

Can anyone can help with my issue?

thanks and regards,