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EmonESP w/ Multiple Browser Windows - Probable cause?

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Yesterday I had one heck of a time with EmonESP. It was great and I was thrilled. But, then at one point it stopped working. I couldn’t pull up the web interface. It just kept loading and never responded.

I flashed another EmonESP and it worked great. Sometimes.

Late last night, I read through some development discussions between Glyn and Jeremy. I can’t find it now, but one mentioned he had issues with multiple browser windows open and the ESP hanging.

So, this morning I found that I did indeed have the first EmonESP pulled up in another tab in another Chrome window. I closed that and things have been running great!

So far today, with only having 1 admin window open, both ESPs are running perfectly.

How feasible is it that this is my issue? Is this something that would make sense to be the problem?

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The default web server library (that EmonESP is using) only supports a single connection so if you have two or more admin windows open I think they end up clashing, possibly when also combined with updating EmonCMS and/or MQTT.