EmonESP Version: v3.1.2 displaying incorrect time

Hi @glyn.hudson

Just trying to use timer directly with a sonoff plug and I noticed the time is incorrect.
What sets time?
Also what does Time offset (seconds) do?

emonesp time

The time should be set by a request to an NTP time server at startup. Perhaps try power cycling the unit?
Timeoffset can be ignored when you are using the smart plug with the demandshaper as it handles the conversion of local time to UTC for you.

Power up set correct time.

I use some plugs with fixed exclusion for Agile between 15:59 and 17.01.

Demandshaper not needed in these simple cases like Dehumidifiers so is offset for DST?

I will eventually do something similar for freezers but probably need an override if temperature starts to rise.

Great , Yes you can use the offset for DST