Emonesp multiple nodes. Monitoring beehives

Hi, I have a rfm69 node monitoring 4 beehives transmitting to another rfm69 base. This is connected to an emonesp.

With the current emonesp it can only take one node input, I was wondering if there are any plans to expand this to enable multiple nodes to pass data through it or is there another ESP firmware which can be used as a serial to wifi bridge then I can post using the http API.

I haven’t gone down the option of the emonhub etc as want to keep the operation simple as the setup is at a Beekeepers/ friends house .

Thanks Paul.

RFM69 is a radio module. It needs something else to work. What exactly do you have?

Hi Robert,

I have one RFM69 Node (Arduino based) which transmits to another Arduino RFM69 receiver/gateway (Arduino based). This outputs to the Emonesp via uart, which in turn posts to emoncms.org.

With the current firmware of the Emonesp it can only handle one node, which is defined when you setup the Emonesp.

While the Emonesp works great it can only one node as I suppose it was designed to hook to a emontx/ heatpump monitor only.

I was wondering if it could be configured to accept the node input from each individual node or if others have had success with another esp firmware which handles http requests easily. As it is remote to where I am the current setup works well and am I’m not keen to have the extra setup of an RPI etc onsite (also it is a bit above my level at the moement.


I don’t know the emonESP code, but I’ve just looked at it and I cannot see why it cannot handle more than one input. It would appear to be able to receive data from more than one sensor node, but it appears to forward the data to emonCMS using its own NodeID. Is this the behaviour that you are seeing?

It should be possible to change that, but I don’t have an emonESP to test it on, so I can’t help you.

However, there’s now enough information in this thread for somebody else to know what the problem is and to join in.