EmonESP connection to emoncms docker

Hi everyone,
I have looked at different posts in the forum without having found a solution to my problem.

So, I have installed emoncms in two different ways on my synology. A first conventional installation and a second installation using docker.

The first conventional installation is fully working and my emonTX is able to post data on the website.
The second installation is patially working. The website is up and running on port 8080. However emonTX is not able to post data.
Please find attached the configuration I use on my emonTX

Is it the right way to connect to it ?

Hi everyone,
After several trials, I am still not able to connect to my emoncms website that is fully working on docker. I am wondering weither the interface of the emonESP is working to enter the port :8080. I have also tried to enter it in “emoncms path” text editor
Does anyone has already sucessfully configured the emonESP to a docker emoncms website ?
Found that link Define HTTP Port of target emoncms server from UI · Issue #89 · openenergymonitor/EmonESP · GitHub

I’m by no means an expert with Docker, but are you using both instances of EmonCMS at the same on the same port? You need to point your emonTX to the Docker IP I assume it’s the same as the Synology IP? again, I’m not sure how Docker works on a Synology. I have it working with Docker on Ubuntu within a virtual machine on my laptop.

I’m not certain, but I do not think you can specify a port in the ESP Firmware. @glyn.hudson - can you confirm and possibly explore adding this as a feature?

Hi Dave,
Not on the same port. Docker EmoncCMS is working on port 8080. The second EmoncCMS is running on port 80.
So, is your docker EmonCMS running on 8080, the default port used by the container? Then, how did you enter the port on the EmonESP.
I will implement this text editor to enter the port and do a PR (if I have time to do it) since having this running on docker is really something I care about.

@borpin I would say no based on what I have seen.

Thank you both for helping me out!

I have EmonCMS on port 8080:80 in Docker. I get data into EmonCMS via Node-red and the EmonCMS node

This is specifically an issue with the EmonESP firmware.

As @borpin pointed out, the EmonESP port needs to changed or have an option to change it, to enable to work with setups with Docker.