Emonesp and heat pump


I have my ESP8266 WIFI Heatpump Monitor up and running with temperature probes, however, I’m now trying to get my Greenstore heat pump to send it’s own status. My heat pump has a Rego 600 control unit with an RS232 serial port. I understand from other forums that it’s possible to get a data feed from this port with the status of all the monitors within the pump unit - which would be great!

My plan is to connect this to the serial connections on the heat pump monitor and then capture values using the below into OpenHab…

Any ideas on how i integrate the above using the emonESP that’s part of the Heat Pump monitor? I see others have used a ESP826 module, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve tried using the IP address of my heat pump monitor, but think i also need the port number of the serial connection.

There is no mention in the documentation for the heat pump monitor on what the serial connection can be used for though!


Looks like i need a transparent bridge between wifi/serial port of the heatpump monitor then i can do the rest with OpenHab. I know the temp probs and CT monitors are already linked wifi, is that true of the serial port too? Or is there something else i need to setup?