EmonESP - 9600

Does anybody have a recent compile of the EmonESP (firmware.bin) with the serial speed set at 9600. ?

Welcome, Garry to the OEM Forum.

It has been published here. You needed to search for ESP8266 9600 baud.

EmonESP special sketch (9600 baud) for use with 3-phase PLL sketch:


Thank you for replying to my query.
I did indeed find that compiled version, but for some reason it would not work for me. I could see the AP being listed and I could connect with it, but I could not access the webpage, kept timing out.
Anyway I have managed to install PlatformIO and compile the version I require. wifirelay with baud rate 9600. I can now access the webpage … Just need to find time to test the 9600 comms link…
Thanks again…stay safe …

I’m afraid I can’t help with that - when I installed it, it moved files and destroyed my system, so I’m not risking that again. And unfortunately, I don’t have an ESP8266 so I can’t help with that either.

But as it was @glyn.hudson who produced that compiled version, I would assume that it should work. Maybe he can shed some light on why it wouldn’t work for you?

Hello @garrys here it is compiled with the baud set to 9600, this is the latest version, master branch
firmware.zip (512.9 KB)

Noticed you have this tagged under WiFi Relay, here’s the same but compiled for the WiFi Relay pinout firmware-wifirelay.zip (487.6 KB)