emonDCduo and ACS7** Breakout available in Megni shop

The emonDCduo dev kits are now in the Megni shop.

The ACS7** Current Sensor kits also.


Much info is contained in the shop pages and documentation, yet feel free to ask any questions regarding them here or in PM.

I’m committed to developing the hardware and software further to get the most out of the units.

emonDCduo info copied below:

Target Uses

• 12V, 24V and 48V Solar PV systems (max 65V)
• Battery monitoring
• Remote DC datalogging


• Two-channel high side only DC current and voltage sensing, up to 64.4V or 75V, suitable for a wide range of low-voltage generator/battery systems.
• 50Amps onboard shunt rating or 1000A external shunt rating.
• Waterproof, clear-top plastic case.
• OLED display.
• WiFi Connectivity (ESP8266).
• Low-power mode (10mA draw).
• Accurate 12-bit ADC.
• Over-voltage and reverse voltage protected (fuses)

• It can function as independent unit self-powered using an onboard buck regulator module, connected to either channel, generator or battery. Data can be stored locally to a MicroSD card, keeping time with on-board RTC and coin-cell.
• Radio transmission of data possible through RFM69Pi module.
• Voltage divisions for reference voltages easily modified by soldering for maximum resolution for given system.
• The I2C port can connect control boards for power management, in development.
• Skipping wireless transmission, a physical cable UART connection is possible, compatible with RS485 pending testing.

Fully open-source.