EmonDC not showing up on Emoncms Feeds - PiHole blocking

I have just brought online as a test, my EmonDC, I have configured it to my wireless router and now login without trouble, I have configured the Emoncms server setting along with my API key and is showing that it is connected and saying “successful messages” at 100%, I have named the Emoncms Node Name as “EmonDC” but when i go to my Emoncms inputs feeds page on the web i can see my other input feeds from my Enompi and my IoTaWatt but nothing for the EmonDC, any ideas as to what is happening to my new input feeds?

Looks like my PiHole DNS server was causing the problem, I white listed emoncms.org and has now turned up on emoncms.org cloud.

Might be worth investigating why it is on a block list @TrystanLea @glyn.hudson. AFAIK PiHole use open blocklists (i.e. not their own).

@Ross, I have edited the title to reflect this so others may find it more easily.

What blocklists do you use in PiHole?

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Do you fancy disabling them one at a time and seeing who the culprit is (assuming it is only one of them)? :grin:.