EmonCMSiOS app My Electric app

Hello, has anyone had problems with the My Electric app in the EmonCMSiOS app? It show the feeds in the feeds tab correctly but when I try the My Electric app it says error in red and can not connect to Emoncms.

What have you got configured in the iOS app? Are you connecting to emoncms.org or your local emoncms instance? What is the URL you have entered? Can you get to that URL from Safari on the device?

Hello, I’m trying to use the app on a EmonPi on my local network. I’m able to access the EmonPi at the 10.0.x.xx IP address and the My Electric app works from there. I’ve been scanning the QR code on the EmonPi’s
My Account page.

I’m not able to personally check the iOS App, but if you go into the configuration of it (I assume there is one?) can you check to see what URL scanning the QR code entered into the App configuration?

it might be expecting something like http://emonpi/app to be working… which may or may not actually work on your home network.