Emoncms with feed on mysql

I have an older installation on emoncms with many feeds yet on mysql.
I updated it up to version 8.4, and it still works.
now I would change the frequency which one feed uses to write to mysql from 10sec to 1 minute, but with upgrade I lost the possibility to change it throught che portal.
how can I do?

MySQL feeds update at the frequency the data is received/sent so if a sensor is sending data once per minute the feed updates once per minute

I remember it was possible to modify the frequency value…
I don’t wan’t to modify the frequency sent on my emontx, because I also use other emonglcd.

As far as I recall that option was/is only available for other storage engines not MySQL, it wouldn’t make sense for MySQL

[quote=“Bra1n, post:4, topic:684”] it wouldn’t make sense for MySQL

I have a lot of data…no other way to reduce frequency as for other storage engines?

What problem is the volume of data causing ?
You could delete old data, is that an option ?

yes, the volume data.
I need historic data for statistics.
I think that the best solution may be to reduce frequency on emontx. I hoped that I can resolve on emoncms…