Emoncms version number links to GitHub Release page

Continuing the discussion from OEM link at the bottom of EmonCMS screens:

Clicking the Emoncms version number in the footer now links to the GitHub Releases page with the latest change log and release info.


I note that Pi-hole manage to generate the actual Github branch & Version in their footer (I only know this as I have had to go to a specific version). Could EmonCMS do something similar? Always useful to know which branch you are on. Not sure how though…

That info should be possible to obtain from $ git log, however could be confusing for a non technical user? Maybe that info could only show if your not running stable branch.

Actually, yes it would be a good idea to show on the admin page which branch the user is running . Master/ stable etc.

There is a discussion about displaying branches and remote urls for emoncms and for the emoncms modules towards the end of the Emoncms install and update script/module thread.

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