Emoncms upgrade V8 > V9

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Might I suggest an upgrade section to the guide for both the emonPi and standalone emoncms versions (I’d check by searching but there seems to be no search on the guide)? I know there is some info on GitHub but it may need tidying up. I’d also like to see some of the info about moving from older versions of emoncms brought together; changes to feed engines, feeds, emonhub and other common problems (dashboards seems to be a recurring one).

Just to clarify, is it a standalone emoncms upgrade guide you are after? Upgrading v8 to v9? I think @TrystanLea wrote a guide on the old forums. I will try and track it down and get it put in the emoncms github docs.

The upgrade guide for v8 to v9 is here, I’ve used this successfully now several times:

@TrystanLea should:

be updated / replaced with:



I upgrade my emonpi using TrystanLea’s guide but I now can not find the dashboard I had created, or see a link anywhere to create a new one.

Hello John, The issue may caused by the dashboard module now being an optional module in the latest emoncms version.
If you navigate to the emoncms/Modules folder do you see a folder called dashboard?

If not download or git clone the dashboard module into the Modules folder. The dashboard module can be found here: