Emoncms update going wrong

EDIT: After a few (4 reboots and 2 shutdown, it started to work.)

After downloading latest image of emonSD, installing it and after update it, emonpiLCD doesn’t work. Same happened in the image before.

I am going to ask, if its possible, to add an SSH enable button to avoid taking out my emonpi, disassemble it to remove the sd card just to enable the ssh. Or to add some sort of terminal.

And emonpiLCD gives a status of Dead.
Just updated right after setting up account and didn’t change any file.

EDIT: After a few (4 reboots and 2 shutdown, it started to work.)

There is. If you cycle through the emonpi LCD menu you get to it.

Once you have SSH

 sudo systemctl status emonPiLCD.service

and post the output please.

I have to say, I did a fresh image recently and it was not a problem. What you do have to be is very patient. The updates on first boot (including system updates) take quite some time (I tend to walk away for an hour just to be sure) and if you interrupt them it can be an issue.

The issue is probably the log file. If you do as it asks and create the logfile, then restart the emonPiLCD service it will be OK I suspect.

Is this related to this thread?

Is this a Pi4?

Nop. its the original Rpi3. I had to change it because i need to monitor the consumption of my AC and since Rpi 4 releases more heat, i am afraid to leave my emonpi working without vigilance. At least, while i am sure that is not a risk of burn/damaging anything.

I know and i don’t pretend to be disrespectful (sorry if my words demonstrated that, its the inconvenient of being too much direct). Even with the other image, fully updated, rebooting the emonpi, disables emonpiLCD and emonhub.

If EmonpiLCD is disabled, i have no other way to enable SSH unless to disassemble the emonpi to add the ssh file. I was suggesting to add a button similar to Reboot / shutdown on the admin page because if if emonpiLCD is off, is still possible to access admin page.

Ah yes, that would be an issue. I always add the ssh file when I create the image. The machine is never exposed outside of my firewall.

Is it working now?

Ah, you did not mention emonhub before - from your screenshot it shows working. Are you not getting any inputs (I have seen that).

I didn’t mention it before because it did just happen (both emonhub and emonpiLCD) on the first sd card image.
After i reformat it, it was just the emonpiLCD.
It could be because i wasn’t “very” patient (i did wait), as i should be, but login in, and start the update, shouldn’t get on the “line” waiting until the first auto-update finishes?


In the first image, i got the last inputs from 6 hours, almost the time that i used the rpi 4 on emonpi. When restarting with rpi 3, emonhub and eponpiLCD didn’t started.
But it’s ok. Next time i will take pictures and log files. It’s no use to talk about this without the essential :slight_smile:

By the way, thanks for the help, in this topic and in the others!
You and Paul have been amazing in helping all of us in various subjects!

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