EmonCMS to HomeAssstant not updating

Appreciate any help with the below issue -

I cannot get the EmonCMS HA integration to update. The complete list of emon sensors show up in HA and entity values update fine upon on rebooting my HA Pi - but then nothing.

I had this working previously but after having to factory reboot my emonPI, things have stopped updating. I have tried removing and adding emoncms to HA to no avail and tried changing the scan_interval from 10, 30 and none at all.

For whats worth, i’ve not been able to get emonCMS history working either but will tackle that later :slight_smile:

My configuration.yaml is below. Any insight or ideas gratefully received!

  - platform: emoncms
    api_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    scan_interval: 30
    id: 1

Just throwing some ideas … ?
api_key changed after factory reboot ?
presume is fixed/static and has not changed?
yaml looks ok when I compare with my version.

Else (from HAssist side)
Go to HA / Settings / System / Logs and search for emoncms ??
Any errors there ?


Thanks for your thoughts, certainly helping me diagnose the issue.

HA does connect to EmonCMS on boot and parse an initial lump of data, but then seems to freeze after. I refreshed the API key to check but still get the same behaviour.

Nothing in emonCMS logs but HA logs showing clear error. I’m not sure how to interpret these, but suggest a process error on HA side? Any more thoughts from this group would be appreciated!


I suspect you have an issue with one or more of your feeds in EmonCMS.
When I code my yaml to import feeds into HA, I include a list of the specific feed_id’s I want.
A bit like this:

- platform: emoncms
  api_key:  blah blah
  url: #IP has been fixed in Unifi
  id: 2
  scan_interval: 60
    - 208 # Sanden
    - 209 # H2OTankLow
    - 210 # H2OTankHigh
    - 58  # Garage Temp
    208: "Sanden"
    209: "H2OTankLow"
    210: "H2OTankHigh"
    58:  "Garage"

I have a larger list of feed_id’s , but this is an example.

I suggest you code to include say, the two feeds that appear to be working ( power and asap_power) to see if the error still occurs. … Then add others as required?

How many feeds do you have in EmonCMS?

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sincere thanks to you! i was obviously trying to call too many feeds simultaneously. (around 70 in total) - most of them superfluous . Adding include_only_feed_id worked a treat :man_dancing:

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