Emoncms Solar Feed config (only record 10w or above?)

Hi there,

I have my Solar feed set up in emoncms as per the instructions:

2. Setup Solar Generation Feed

  1. Click on spanner icon to configure emonPi/power2
  2. Add the following process steps under Add process :
  3. Log to feed , called solar , with feed engine PHPFINA , at 10s interval.
  4. Power to kWh , called solar_kwh , with feed engine PHPFINA , at 10s interval.
  5. + input , choosing power1: . This adds grid import/export to the solar generation, to calculate site consumption.
  6. Log to feed , called use , with feed engine PHPFINA , at 10s interval.
  7. Power to kWh , called use_kwh , with feed engine PHPFINA , at 10s interval.

Is there anyway I can add in a line that only shows/records if there is say more than 10w generated?

Reason is that once it goes dark outside my CT clamps jumps around 1w to 5w even though the inverter is doing nothing. I just want to remove this chatter.


Is this hosted emoncms.org or self-hosted, local install?

There are some additional processes in the self-hosted version that don’t appear on emoncms.org. There are some logical processes eg “if less than XX skip the next process” you would add define a level of 10w and place this immediately before your solar feed. There are various processes of this type so you would chose the one that best fits your need and other processing, eg if it only skip one process, you might need to get a bit creative and use a “reset to zero” and use the solar feed to then update the power to kwh etc.

Another quick (and dirty) way to do this might be to just use the “offset” process to minus 10w and follow that with an “allow positive” process, although this means your solar will always read 10w lower (said it was dirty) but hopefully much of the time that 10w will possibly not be missed.

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Hi Paul,

I have a local install on emonPi and then I also squirt the data to online emoncms.org

Thanks for the tips… will have a look and give them a go.

If I play locally, will these amended figures squirt to emoncms.org? or is it just the raw data that goes online? And i’d have to try something similar online?


It’s the unprocessed data that is passed to each emonccms instance. You would need to do the additional processing at each emoncms, you will have more tools available on you local instance than the emoncms.org instance so look at doing that one first if you want then to match as you may find the process you use locally isn’t there when you go to do the same at emoncms.org.

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I gave up trying to sort the ‘skip process’ stuff.

I went dirty and added
’ + -10 ’
and ‘allow positive’ before the first log to feed.

I was able to do this on both local emonPi and emoncms.org.

Thanks for your help @pb66, this appears to have cured my low wattage ghost readings. :slight_smile:

Yes, the “skip next” logical processors are not available on emoncms.org and they do require some planning, if a 10w error is acceptable the “quick and dirty” method is the way to go, at least the 2 emoncms account should be equal, rather than doing each a different way and getting slightly different results.

Glad you got it sorted.

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