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Emoncms shows my inputs and feeds as 'inactive'

for years it worked perfectly, but on july 9th it stopped to send data to
Input and all feeds are marked as ‘inactive’ My balance is also positive.
Emon TX shield and Raspberry PI2 publication services are untuoched and working properly.
What can I do to make them active again and see on graphs.

Hello @gonczoll are you using emonhub on the Raspberrypi? or your own script? There is not cut off mechanism relating to account balance but there have been updates to emoncms over this period, if it is your own script how are you handling authentication?

Hello Trystan.
This is an own script, probably this is the rout cause.
Athentication is handled by EMONCMS API key.
Do you have further informations about the changes made meanwhile?
eg. a link?
Thanks: László