Emoncms session timeouts

Whilst doing some debugging on the emonPi which involved pulling in some updates and after while pulling in some more, I have been leaving the “Admin” page open in my browser and I’ve found on several occasions that when I click “Update” things go a little weird as the screen appears to start flashing. I have since worked out it is because the session has timed out and I need to log back in, but it isn’t obvious and the first time it happens it can take you by surprise.

Here is a very short clip, but it lasts indefinitely until the page is closed or you log back in. (please excuse the photography due to the bright screen and darkish room)

I also attach a static screenshot so the extra deep nav bar and the additional “log-in” can be seen. This additional “log-in” link is the only responsive part of the screen when it is “flashing”.

It doesn’t bother me now I am aware but I thought I would post here in case anyone experiences it, although personally I do think emoncms could handle session timeouts a little better perhaps.