Emoncms release v10.1.8

This is an initial placeholder to say that I’ve merged the latest master branch into stable, including the following changes:

See release: Releases · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

There are also corresponding updates to the following emoncms modules: backup, usefulscripts, sync, postprocess, wifi, graph, dashboard, app, demandshaper, device

To update: run emonPi/emonbase update from the Admin tab of emoncms.

There will be a more detailed explanation of how to make use of the new hierarchical settings development including the new ini settings format soon.

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EmonBase: emonSD-30Okt18

get this error when accessing a dashboard.


click ok twich (think one for every graph there is) I get this, looking normal

any idea??

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I have seen this when the logged in session had expired. Are you still logged in? Is it a ‘Public’ dashboard?

I’ve made a minor modification to the graph module that may help, there was a missing definition of a php variable that didnt seem to make a difference on my browser (firefox) but may have tripped up other browsers? Could you run emoncms update again? @Boye