Emoncms posting

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(Paul Jager) #1

Hi, Have had my open energy mon setup for years, but recently I have gone a bit further and realised my solar inverter is a Modbus slave. I have managed to write a program to extract the data and am ready to post it to my account.

When posting the current power during the day everything is fine but at night when the inverter is off/ not responding and producing 0 power how often do I need to s post a zero value to emoncms. Is once enough and then when it starts generating in the morning I send the current values or do I need to send 0 at intervals during the night .

Thanks Paul

(Glyn Hudson) #2

Hi Paul.

Nice work setting this up. You don’t need to repeatedly post zeros, just one zero at the beginning of the nigh then a 2nd zero before posting a non-zero value in the morning. If you don’t post any data all night then post a non-zero value in the morning emoncms will join the two points together and you will get an incorrect energy reading.

(Brian Orpin) #3

Did you mean this?

(Paul Jager) #4

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for that, makes sense.

Now just have to write, google and cut/paste some code to make it work. The fun bit and where you learn the most.

Cheers Paul