Emoncms portal map

Hello, I need the whole structure of emoncms so I can edit the application the way I want it and the correct files. To be more specific, I need to edit the entire front end and develop a back end involving integration with my database, get OpenEVSE measurement data sent to my database, and Emoncms access it to create graphs and logs and create a control and access for admin and users.

I assume you have looked at the ‘Learn’ section?

what I need is much more specific.

I need to remove some components from the main-nav and nav-bar on the front end

Hello @PF-Henrique we dont have a guide for this.

You can hide the setup menu entirely by commenting out:

or individual module menu items by commenting the modulename_menu.php entry, e.g:

You can also remove the modules such as postprocess, apps, dashboards, demandshaper entirely by deleting their directories… both in /opt/emoncms/modules/demandshaper and the symlink e.g: /var/www/emoncms/Modules/demandshaper