Emoncms.org - Y M W D buttons have stopped working on a dashboard graph

Since the recent update to emoncms.org, I’ve noticed that the Y M W D buttons have stopped working on a graph on my dashboard. The < > + and - buttons work fine.

When I click the Y M W D buttons, nothing whatsoever happens. There is no http request (checked using Fiddler) and no javascript errors logged using F12.

I am using Chrome (version 81).

I’ve noticed this as well.
Tested in Chrome/Firefox/Edge.

The same in Opera (Linux).
Also note it’s impossible to set the end time in “Time window” if the graph itself is not wide enough.
The graph needs to be wide enough to show at least some of the"End" input box, when it scrolls horizontally.
But even then, the calendar isn’t accessible
And until you can complete entering those details, there’s no escape, other than to refresh the dashboard, until it’s wide enough for the tick to be visible.

Me too!

Sorry for the delay. I’ve fixed the buttons to use the same dropdown as on the main graph page. There is also now a reload button to make it easier to reload new data as it comes in:

This does not fix the issue that you highlight yet @Robert.Wall. I will have a look into that.

Thank you very much for the adjustment!!

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