Emoncms.org version missing a number of process options

I am sending data to both a local version of Emoncms on a Pi and to the emoncms.org cloud. I am trying to do some processing of the inputs to create some new feeds and noticed that my local version (10.1.6) has a significantly longer list of process choices than the emoncms cloud version. I am specifically looking for the process max_inp which is in neither. I would prefer to have it in the emoncms.org version as that is where I would like to access my data. Is this possible or do I need to update my local version to get this process?

Many thanks

Hello @waynedn this process is currently not available on emoncms.org Im afraid. I would recommend updating your local version if you can. Have you considered using a remote access service to access your local pi remotely? there’s an example here Remote Access - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Thanks Trystan. My Local Emoncms is part of the ICC software solution from South Africa and the Emoncms update under Admin does not work. I will contact them next week to resolve as they may have customised it or made it part of the ICC update.

Emoncms is a great product. Thanks to all involved.


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