Emoncms.org remote: default node name and input field names

I have a local emonpi with the input fields named default “power1” “power2” etc. I followed this guide 3. Log Remotely - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor to configure sending the data to emoncms.org.

However the node gets created as simply “5” and the list of input fields are numeric “1”, “2”, “3” etc etc.

Is that expected? How do I send the fields as they are named on the emonpi, i.e. power1 instead of 1.

That guide later instructs, " Log Inputs to Feeds in the same way as Local Emoncms Logging", which is made harder because the fields are named generically.
This proves also to be a problem for setting up the inputs & feeds using the “cog” → “Configure Device” template feature, as it doesn’t recognize the names 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

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This comes up quite often, see “RX data length: 9 is not valid for datacodes - #5 by pb66” from just a few days ago.

If you want further reading on this try searching “Indexed inputs @pb66

Thank you, that sort of makes sense. So using HTTP the numerical sensors 1,2,3,4 are “expected” but undocumented, and the alternative of using MQTT sends the right names but is less reliable.

I tried renaming the sensors on emoncms.org, but after renaming 1 → power1, another update is pushed from emonpi and the sensor ‘1’ is added once more.

In the end I set ‘power1’ as the description of ‘1’, and so forth. Then manually added all the inputs which the SolarPV template normally does… and voila!

yes that’s the way to do it, not that long ago the “description” field was indeed labelled “name” it’s only since the “ui makeover” that it returned to being a “description” field again. As noted in that last discussion, there was some work fone to combine the 2 input methods so each entry has index, name and description, but I’m not where that’s at currently.

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