Emoncms.org Password reset

I forgot my emoncms.org account password.
When I try to recover by entering my username as well as my email ID I get the message “password recovery email sent!”. and there will be no email. The email address as well as the user ID are spelled correctly because if either is incorrect it will not forward the request. Regards Kauko

Hello @kajuko is there any chance that the email is going to your spam folder? The email system has been working fine as far as I can see, I’ve received a few status emails from the system this morning.

The title of the email should be “Emoncms password reset” if that helps with searching your email inbox…


Thank you for the quick reply. (I personally did not have it in this answer)

There is no spam, I still went to the email server, to check if it had stayed there, but was not.

Strange thing.

Would it be possible for me to provide you with my valid password to access my account?

I would be grateful if this would be the case.

Regards Kauko

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Lähettäjä: Trystan Lea via OpenEnergyMonitor Community
Lähetetty: perjantai 25. helmikuuta 2022 12.35
Vastaanottaja: [email protected]
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25 February

The title of the email should be “Emoncms password reset” if that helps with searching your email inbox…

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Again, I’m asking for options for signing in to Emoncms .org when I haven’t received the password reset option in my email despite several attempts.
All my spam folders as well as the folders on the email server have been checked in my own Email, and no return request message can be found.
Is it possible to log in to the emoncms account with an API Key that I know of?
Regards Kauko

Hello @kajuko

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this, have you been able to login yet?
If not I can do a password reset for you and set a temporary password which I can send you via PM on here.

Thank you for the message. the password change is still lost, but it would be great if you could send me a temporary password via email.

*Edited to remove chain of messages in email

Thanks @kajuko I’ve sent you a temporary password.