OpenEnergyMonitor Community not updating for 2.3 days

One of my inputs has not updated since 2.3 days (since Saturday noonish). I can see emonesp sending updates as well as I can see my local emonbase reading updates for that sensor. Its CT4 (EV charging), CV1,2,3 as well as temperature etc update normally. Also updating inputs list takes quite some time even after deleting many of the inputs…

Is something going on with or where to look for an explanation?

Here is what emonesp sends out:
2021-06-01T16:53:35.002Z {“ct1”:328,“ct2”:121,“ct3”:688,“ct4”:11,“vrms”:520,“pulse”:0,“t0”:163,“freeram”:28016,“srssi”:-86,“psent”:5560,“psuccess”:5187}

Hello @PetriK I cant see anything specifically out of place but I have restarted the input processors just in case it’s got caught in the limiter. Has that made any difference?

Thanks Trystan,
Unfortunately it did not help. I think this is an issue after input processor as I can read the updated value from using the API. I am OK for you to have a look at my data if you wish.


But still:

Something happened - I now get esp8266 full data and a new ct4 sensor showing values.

Anyhow there is still something odd going on, I get this occasionally for all sensors:

Ok great to hear, I did just push a fix a couple of days ago that should have sorted the device already exists error but it looks like it may not have worked yet, there’s another thread here discussing the same thing "device already exists" ajax async errors perhaps? - #6 by TrystanLea would you be able to check the script timing I mentioned in my reply in that thread?