Emoncms.org kWh feed graphs not updating 17/05/03

Looks like my feed graphs have stopped updating since 08:05 today.
@TrystanLea - just me or a wider problem?

The graphs have caught up now.

I see a ‘glitch’ for numbers of feeds around 8:05 which saw KWh feeds set to 0 and then incrementally return to the former value over 10 minutes or so (data points are present not missing - they are in the CVS output). And missing data on feeds. This affects graphs that include this time period.

Do we have root cause for this?

Here are graphs of a few feeds showing what I see

It has a
EPOCH_TICK - a ‘log to feed’ without processing. This shows a dataset was processed by the server
import_KwH - was reset to 0 followed by ramp up to previous value
real power 1 grid - input has a scale and offset before log to feed - missing data

Hello @iov thanks for your post, yes there was an issue with one of the emoncms storage servers earlier today starting at ~8:05 . The server was offline until 12 noon at which point we got it back up and running, it then took until 4pm to work through all the queued data.

I can confirm I can see the reset in the feeds and the ramp back up over 10 mins on my feeds too. Unfortunately its not an easy one to fix, however it should not affect the long term cumulative kwh reading as the last value for this is stored separately (hence the ramp up back to the correct previous position).

My apologies for today’s outage,