Emoncms.org input processing updates

Im currently working through updating emoncms.org input processing code to match as closely as possible that in emoncms core. Part of bringing the code bases together to aid with future maintenance and development as well as launching the new device integration developments: Using the new emoncms device module integration - #8 by pb66

Testing over the last two weeks on dedicated test accounts has shown no issues so far.

If you notice any calculations from input processing on emoncms,org going wrong during this migration period please let me know.


Hi Tristan. Seems like email report has stopped working since this.
@pb66 stated some weeks ago it could be related to this

Just reopened the email report thread BTW, but sure you will get notice faster in this one.


Thanks @Jujonet, see reply at Email report complains has not enough data, while it has - #12 by TrystanLea