EmonCMS.org feeds not updating?

Just noticed that the power freeds on my EmonCMS.org dash haven’t updated in 35 hours.
The inputs are still coming in OK, so hopefully still being logged.

Anyone else having this issue?

Have you resolved this issue? There has been no emoncms.org downtime recently, all feeds we monitor are updating correctly.

Hi Glyn,

Yes, I was playing about with some figures regards Virtual Storage (after I saw the Carbon Co-op video on Youtube), I added some lines to my main power input and then had some other jobs to do, so I left it dangling (as I’ve done before several times while I think things over), for some reason every feed from that input then just stopped logging.

I thought it may be a EmonCMS issue, but when no one else commented, I guessed it must be just me, and the only thing that had changed were those last few lines, so I deleted them and the feeds sprang back to life.
It’s all a bit odd really.