Emoncms.org errors

Now i added my openEVSE (now without current and GFCI coil for testing, and waiting for postage) to emoncms.org and i get error on feed, list and apps page. I get the following errors.

Now i tested with another browser (firefox) , feeds and inputs working. But App get error as in Safari. I use MacMini 2012 with latest os

Thanks @KommyKT did you get the input and feed errors with Safari? If you clear your browser cache do they still show? I will take a look at the app error.

Yes fix the feed and input errors the browser cache cleaning.

I’m seeing some errors on emoncms.org too, these unfortunately don’t clear with clearing the browser cache. I haven’t changed anything in this dashboard for a very long time and this issue wasn’t there when i last viewed the dash maybe a week ago.

line 779 is the whole dashboard content, but the offending piece seems to be in these last 68 chars

">Last Update:<script language="JavaScript"> document.lastModified()

The “l” of “lastModified” is column 9422.

Thanks @KommyKT @pb66 Ive silenced the javascript errors for now as I’m only part way through the emoncms.org update. Its now on version 9.9.9 moving to v10 next. I will re-enable once complete - so that I fix any issues on the latest version.