Emoncms.org dashboards no longer updating?

For the last week or so I’ve noticed that my emoncms.org dashboards no longer seem to be updating in realtime.

I can see that all me feeds are updating fine (every 10s or so from several emonTx) so it doesn’t seem to be anything from “my” side.

This applies to all dashboards (I have 5 that are realtime displays) with various widgets (dials, jguages) and across all browsers and devices (mixture of Chrome / Firefox / Silk on PC & various tablets).

If I refresh the browser page then the values update immediately.

Usually I find that problems with emoncms.org resolve themselves (or they get fixed!) but this seems to have been going on for quite a while now.

Is there a problem?

So I managed to fix this, but suspect it was caused by an update to emoncms.org

Looks like JS error on the thermometer widget was causing the update of all / most widgets to fail.

This seems to have been caused by some new (?) options on the widget to show min / max values.

Going into that widget on each affected dashboard and saving without making any changes seems to have fixed things.