Emoncms.org Credit (+VAT?)

Each article/location I’ve come across referring to ‘The pay-per-feed model is £1 per feed per year’ makes no mention of the fact that VAT will be added when placing an order. I respectfully suggest this anomaly needs rectifying or have I miss understood something.

Pet hate of mine (very common in Energy Tarriff details not to state whether VAT is included).

If a product is directed at non-commercial customers, best practice is that the stated price should either include VAT or state it is exclusive of VAT.

Sorry, I will make it clearer on the pricing page.

It does state that the prices are exclusive of VAT on the account page in the billing section:

but your right its not stated on the pricing page where it should also be, I will change that now.

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Thanks for the prompt feedback.
But, in my case, above the balance graph it contradicts things with
Estimated annual cost:
Number of feeds: 33 x £1/feed = £33.00/year (£2.75/month)
And the figure for the Total Emoncms Credit relating to a linked OpenEnergyMonitor Shop account does not indicate whether the quoted figure is VAT inclusive or not.

I believe it’s a legal requirement that the price does include VAT. Price Marking Order 2004

It depends on the target audience. A high street shop is deemed to be only for the consumer (VAT always included in price if applicable).

If it is likely to be both consumer and commercial the rules are different. Tax on shopping and services: Where you see VAT - GOV.UK. If you go into a ‘trade’ shop (builders merchant for instance), you will always see Ex and inc VAT prices. This is why online can ‘get away’ with is as it is accessible to both audiences.

Agreed but the rules don’t allow the omission of an inclusive price in a situation that is [partly] aimed at consumers. They allow the display of ex-VAT prices in addition not as an alternative.

Thankyou for the input. I will add both Inc VAT and Ex VAT to both the pricing page and the account page on emoncms.org. They are already listed on the shop but as @OddJob pointed out not that clear on emoncms.org.

The original rationale for displaying the ex VAT pricing was due to a large portion of users being outside of the EU and/or business customers. The online shop also handles all the VAT side of things, the emoncms.org balance calculations are all made ex VAT and so emoncms.org doesn’t need to know whether the customer is zero rated VAT etc.

But I also agree not seeing the Inc VAT pricing is not the best experience. I will get that fixed.

I have now added a feature to view prices either including or excluding VAT on the emoncms.org account page, selectable via a dropdown selection box (top-right) next to the currency selector. This looks like this:

with all, order, credit and projected account spend available in the selected VAT mode and currency.

Selecting a currency outside of the EU automatically shows the price without VAT and hides the selector.

The pricing page shows all prices both inclusive and exclusive of VAT: Emoncms - site pricing

Thank you for the feedback.

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Thank you for making the VAT clarification changes quickly and providing the guidance notes.

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