Emoncms.org and Octopus API

Hi everyone. Very basic question - can I link my Octopus account direct to emoncms.org without any equipment in-between?


Hello @mikeyd1973 no not on emoncms.org at the moment Im afraid, if you have a Pi you can link it locally of course.

Thanks @TrystanLea

Would I therefoire just need the emonBase - web-connected base-station to pull the data from Octopus and push it to emoncms.org?

Not even that. Any Pi (even a Pi Zero) or Debian based SBC or a Virtual Machine (depending on your skill level).

Surely if it’s just copying data from an Octopus URL to an emoncms.org URL, possibly manipulating/reformatting it a bit on the way, then it can be absolutely any computer at all as long as it has an Internet connection?

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Thanks. I was hoping to avoid using something in the middle to act as an interface. I’ve noticed a real lag in Octopus’ data in my account recently so as a consequence, the Agile Watcher app is behind. I’ve registered the Hildebrand Bright app and am waiting for half hourly data to appear. I’ve also put myself on the waiting list for a Hlidebrand glowstick which will provide more timely data.

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Yes anything that can run this script to pull in the octopus data and forward to emoncms.org usefulscripts/octopus at master · emoncms/usefulscripts · GitHub you could just run it periodically from your computer?

Sadly that web host seems to strongly object to ad blockers. Any idea if the script is also hosted anywhere more friendly?

I think @TrystanLea’s typing went wrong there, try githUb.

Ah :slight_smile: Many thanks, Robert.