Emoncms.org after a re-install

A bit of background I posted Here earlier today. My version of the software on the RPi was old and hadn’t had an update for a year or two. I tried the update button and that failed saying the version was too old to update. I noticed I lost the local input readings also after trying to update. Posting to emoncms.org still seemed to continue though. Even thats a mystery to me as the API keys seemed to have changed during the failed update.

I have only logged to emoncms.org for the last 3 years and not bothered logging locally.

To get me out of the mess I downloaded the latest SD card image on another SD card and that seems to be getting the inputs fine. The question is can I just continue to upload to emoncms.org. Apart from I will have a different API key again do I simply need to select the input and then config the input to the relevant feed instead of the default Create New and it will continue where it left off on the feed? With 3 years of data I have only at emoncms.org I dont want to lose it.

When you use a later image you can indeed just continue posting data if you configure the local setup to use the same node id’s as before, emonhub.conf may need editing as your emonTx and emonTH payloads may not match what your older devices transmit. You will also need to be sure you have 868 and not 433 selected there too.

Be careful with the “update emonBase” and “update emonpi” buttons in emoncms admin. It could stop your data if you use the wrong one and may involve a manually reinstalling the FW if you have a certain vintage rfm2pi v2.

see Update EmonPi Button or Update EmonBase Button?

The apikeys for your emoncms.org account should never change, you will need to use the same apikey you were using before.

I think I was/am getting a bit confused with the API key. The API keys for emoncms.org and my local emoncms are both different. I initially thought they had to be the same.

I think the emonpi update button was the problem in my case as it somehow broke the link to the MQTT server stopping me seeing inputs locally although they continued to post to emoncms.org.

As the only record of the last 3 years of data is on emoncms.org I think it may be an idea to download as a csv file before I do any more tinkering. Then if I do lose anything I have recorded online, at least I have a copy of some sort here.

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