Emoncms.org 2017/10/08 updating delayed


My inputs etc appears to be behind time with increasing delay. At moment 30 minute delay.
FYI @TrystanLea


Same here, no updates for 110 minutes.

Strangely the voltage and current gauges in my dashboard are still moving but they don’t appear to reflect present readings.

Queue has just cleared. Posts now showing in input and feeds within 10 seconds.

Went to over 180 minutes for me and slowly coming down, now at 86 minutes.

I see you have reported this before @iov

Any idea what the cause is @TrystanLea ?

Appologies, Emoncms.org had some input queue issues on the 8th. Due to a high level of data and recent bug in the input creation process. This has now been fixed. Apologises for the delayed data, no data should have been lost.

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@glyn.hudson and @TrystanLea at present my delay is 29 hours and growing, which is before the server relocation that was carried out earlier today.

Last update to the feed was GMT: Monday, October 16, 2017 3:53:45 PM

Hello @GeorgeB, the server queues are all showing ok so I think the problem is likely local to your monitor?

Ok @TrystanLea i’ll check from this side.

Confirming the problem was at our side.