Emoncms on iPad stopped auto updating display

I have searched for this topic but was overwhelmed by the number of hits which don’t appear to be the same problem.

I have an iPad totally devoted to displaying the App view using Emoncms. This has been happily running for years but now continues to function except the auto update has stopped. A manual selection of the display period refreshes the screen correctly but then remains static.

I have now installed Emoncms on a second iPad and that is updating automatically. Is there something I can do to revive the auto on the other iPad?

Hello @BrianD does a full page refresh on the first ipad restore the auto update or are you trying to avoid that?

Hi @TrystanLea. If I refresh by tapping the display period the screen is updated correctly but then remains static.

what about closing down and re-opening the web page?

Done that. Also tried closing the app, in fact I closed all apps and did an iPad reset but no change. If I delete and reload the app from the app store will I lose anything and will it be easy to get going again?

Ah is this the iphone emoncms app or just an emoncms webpage shown as an app?
@mattjgalloway would be the one to ask about the iphone app

It’s the app from the app store. The browser version works fine.

I just tried my iPhone which also has the app and it has the same problem of not updating. I checked the versions and the iPad that works OK is version 1.1 and the iPhone and iPad that don’t update are both version 1.2

@TrystanLea New information !!! Reloading the app on one of the problem iPads ( yes I have three) does not fix the problem and the version is still 1.2 The iPad that works OK is old but the version it gets from the app store is 1.1 and that works fine. If guess there has been an automatic update and this is a new bug.

Ah sorry about this! Yes it sounds like it’s a bug in 1.2. I will take a look!

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OK, thanks

I found the issue and am submitting a new build to Apple right now.

Sorry about that - was a ridiculously small mistake and sadly not covered by the tests that we have on the app. But I’m going to see how I can add in tests for that.

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And I just added a test that would catch this if it breaks again. :+1:

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1.2.1 Now loaded and updating correctly so thank you @mattjgalloway for a speedy fix.

No problem @BrianD! Thanks for using the app & reporting the bug, and thanks to Apple for approving the new build in very quick time!