Emoncms Octopus Agile app GO comparison

I’ve made a small modification to the emoncms Octopus Agile app to support user entered pricing and timing for the Octopus GO profile. It’s now possible to set the off peak period start and end time as well as the on-peak and off-peak rate.

The Agile pricing still seems to be the older cap and doesnt reflect the new prices @Zarch has displaying correctly on https://www.energy-stats.uk/, @Zarch what do I need to change to get that to work correctly? I guess there’s a whole new set of prices for new customers and it depends on the cap that you are fixed on?

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Hey @TrystanLea ,

Each individual Octopus Energy tariff has its own API endpoint.

So the new Agile one is

The previous Agile version was

This would be the same for Go and Go Faster variants too. Here’s a couple of new ones.



You can find all current and live endpoints listed here.

When a tariff changes quite often, like Go, you end up with lots of endpoints available.


Does that help?

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Thanks @Zarch yes really helpful thanks

How does one go about updating the Octopus Agile app to take advantage of this update?

I’m excited to switch to using this as a payback calculator, rather than the big spreadsheet :grin:

Easiest to wait for the next release to be tagged. It sounds like there’s a couple of little issues to be sorted out first

All change again.

New API endpoint for Agile with a 78p/kWh cap



Thanks @Zarch do all agile customers automatically get the new cap? or does it depend on when you sign up?

The new rates are for new customers.

Existing customers will stay on their old tariff until expiry of their contract. I think most are year long contracts.

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Thanks again @Zarch that makes sense!

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Hey @TrystanLea

Any chance we can get an update on the app so we can enter the rate / hours for Octopus Intelligent tarriff?

Cant enter the hours as its 23:30 to 05:30 and the GO fields only allow 00:00 as the earliest start time.


@TrystanLea - did you not amend the App to pull in the different rates so it was selectable?

Can the GO please be optional - if you don’t use it it just gets in the way. Actually offer both GO and Agile as an option as others may be more interested in one than the other?

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That’ll be interesting to see the impact. My fixed rate is about to end and if they can actually get my meters talking to the WAN I’ll probably plump for Agile. 78p cap might put me off, though!

@TrystanLea - the other issue is history. Would there be any way to say I was on tariff X for period Y and Tariff Z for period W?

I am thinking this would be a major change as I think the simplest way is for emoncms to pull down the rates and store them locally (rather than hit the API), although that in itself might not be a bad thing!

Sure, fixed, thanks for spotting that.

Yes that would be a lot more challenging! It would need to store all of the possible tariffs and then a table of start and end date for each tariff for each user… Im actually doing something that’s not too far off this for EnergyLocal but it’s a different tariff structure. Will see if any of that is transferable when it’s done.

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Excellent, that’s working great now.

Nice to run my agile costs alongisde the best alternative tariff for me, Intelligent octopus.