Emoncms not saving new feeds

Hi I have been running a emon base monitoring system for a few years with aTx3 . We moved and I reconfigured the system. Initially I was just monitoring use as the new property has quite a complicated distribution system and I had to figure out the best location for the CT sensors. I recently added solar feed as type 2. The live feeds are fine but the newly added feeds are not recording the data on emoncms. When I check the data on emoncms the time stamp is being saved but all values apart from the last recent value are showing NUL. The data seems to be overwirtten I I don’t want to lose the historical use data but I would like to capture the new solar data. Any ideas?


Hello @Richard1

Is this on emoncms.org or the local emoncms running on the emonBase?

How much of a gap is there between your old datapoints and the new data?

Hi Trystan

I am recording locally on the emonBase.

Not sure what you mean by gap.

I have a years worth of use data and have just added two new feeds, one for solar and one for a heat pump. The heatpump is saving data for some reason the solar data is being over written.

I have attached screen shots of the feeds and the input configuration and the csv data.



Hi Trystan

I think I have resolved the problem. I checked the logs and they were showing this error.|PHPFina.php|post() padding max block size exeeded id=36. Going back through the record I found some post suggested creating a new feed. I have done this and it now seems to be saving the data.