EmonCMS no longer receiving inputs

my emonpi or emoncms just stop working on receiving data
I can see this in emoncms local and remote

Hey @delphsoft, I edited the title of this post for clarity. I hope someone can help you with your problem!

What is node 5? Is that your EmonPi or different piece of hardware?

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What version emonSD are your running? What version emoncms local are your running? Can you post output of emonhub.log and emoncms.log? Does a reboot fix the issue?

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its the emonpi
Image 16may Sd from github

have you changed the config file recently ? Latest image suggest there is a syntax error in there on line 67. In my case this is the line where you set the api key
Maybe double check the key.


Yes, there is an error in your emonhub.conf. This can be edited via setup > emonhub in local emoncms. The error suggests your have an error on line 67. Pleae post the entire contents of emonhub.conf

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thanks … after restart 3 times , start receiving data again correctly

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I’m happy you have solved the issue, but this is not a very satisfactory outcome! I would like to get to the bottom of why there was a syntax error in your emonhub.conf. Did anything change before you experienced this error?

I assume you mean emonSD-03May16 SD card image rather than 16May? 03May16 is the latest.

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yes you are correct about the image date 03May16

I think what could affect or start the issue , when i turned off the emonpi for few ours , later on again , from that point I assume start this error , its like don’t start , BUT I’m using it on a open case , not the original one because I don’t bought it , soo I can see the red light inside all the time on , in that days the red light start tilt more frequently , and now working well stay no tilt , I don’t know if that help to find the possible issue